About us

Network of South West France actors specialised in intelligent mobility services and solutions, TOPOS has been working since 2006 to promote the emergence of collaborative projects between its members, to accelerate development and innovation of companies, in particular start-ups and SMEs. It has also acted to promote regional industry at both national and international level.

 TOPOS members reflect the regional wealth of the sector, including actors from the entire value chain of mobility:

  • A majority of innovative companies of all sizes (from startup to large group),
  • manufacturers/ construction companies,
  • Transportation and freight companies,
  • Public transport authority,
  • Infrastructure managers,
  • Consultancies,
  • Engineering colleges, universities.

Created out of the New-Aquitaine Regional Council initiative on the emergence of solutions based around the GALILEO program, innovative actors from TOPOS have unique expertise on satellite navigation, high integrity positioning solutions, and by extension, intelligent transport systems (ITS).

TOPOS members also have key skills in the areas of:

  • Traffic management, real time highway information, navigational aids
  • Cooperative systems (communication V21, 12V, V2V, etc.)
  • Eco-mobility and new mobilities
  • Public works (intelligent highways, signage)
  • Real time critical on-board systems, GNSS receivers, Geofencing, centimetric positioning
  • 3D mapping, augmented reality
  • Big Data, predictive models, cyber safety
  • Information systems and decision-making assistance tools
  • Logistics, operating aids
  • Examples of the benefits of ITS for the climate.

In 2017, TOPOS joined the  cluster Digital Aquitaine, dedicated to digital technologies and services, to manage the Mobility market. Members of TOPOS benefit daily from interactions and collaborations with Digital Aquitaine regional digital network.

TOPOS has positioned itself as a key actor on the international stage.

Coordinated by TOPOS, Bordeaux hosted the 22nd Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress (ITS World Congress), the largest professional congress ever held in Bordeaux. From October 5 to 9 2015, the Congress welcomed 12,102 visitors, 3,893 delegates, 270 sessions, 34 official demos and 404 exhibitors from around the world.

TOPOS pilots, in collaboration with ATEC ITS France, the international initiative “ITS4Climate” labelled by the UN, aiming to promote Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as a fundamental tool for the control of climate change.


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